Rane Training


Testimonial of Rachael Cross, Training Manager, Victim Support, where Claudine has been an associate trainer since October 2003. Rachael has co-facilitated several courses with Claudine.

  Claudine is an excellent facilitator with ability to deliver complex information and sensitive issues in an appropriate way. She is always well prepared, works well in a team, promotes diversity and equality in her training and is inclusive of all members of the group. She is an excellent listener and has the ability to ask pertinent questions and draw out quieter members of the group. She encourages people to participate fully, uses humour in an appropriate way and has an engaging style that is all her own. Claudine is an experienced trainer with Victim Support London and we value her assessment skills, pairing her with new associate trainers to act as a mentor and to give the organisation feedback on their skills.

Claudine's training has resulted in new volunteers feeling more confident about their role and ready to begin working with victims, and has enabled experienced volunteers to work with more sensitive issues and more vulnerable victims with confidence.  


Testimonial of Shelley Greene, previously Operations Manager of Haringey Youth Offending Service where Claudine was employed for 3 years in managing a project which involved developing and delivering training to volunteers involved in a statutory programme to address offending and involve victims.

Claudine adapted the volunteer training materials provided to meet local need and especially to include diversity issues, including those of disabled participants such as a blind volunteer.

She also delivered training to staff on restorative justice and working with victims, and tailored this to meet their needs according to previous knowledge and experience.

Claudine is highly methodical and organised. All her training materials were produced well in advance and all resources needed to deliver training were planned and ready for delivery. The course materials were of good quality.

The training was well paced and participatory and allowed for individualised learning according to personal style. Claudine is a very dynamic trainer with good use of voice and herself - the training that I observed had staff/volunteers fully engaged. Claudine used number of non-threatening techniques to ensure that quiet members of the groups had a chance to co-operate and to close down those who were dominating groups.

Haringey Youth Offending Service had a large cohort of well-trained, skilled and motivated volunteers as a result of Claudine's training, and staff awareness on victim issues was also raised.


Testimonial - Claire Standring, Freelance trainer and consultant who has worked with Claudine on a number of training projects where they have co-designed, delivered and evaluated the training for each particular audience. Claire has also commissioned Claudine as a sole facilitator for a number of projects for the Capital Community Foundation.

Claudine is really strong in identifying an organisation's learning needs and in planning programmes accordingly. She always ensures she tailors the session to the needs of her audience, taking into account the special requirements of the group, for example when training young people or people with English as an additional language. She does this through the use of a variety of participative facilitation methods and approaches, which are creative, fun and informative, ensuring she reaches all the learning styles within the groups and meets the course objectives. I have seen Claudine work with youth groups through to groups of high level social workers; her pitch is always accurate. She is a good communicator, very approachable, and participants feel comfortable speaking to her which enables her to meet their needs better. She manages a group well and is always in control of the session. Claudine has a very calming approach and uses humour appropriately. Her training events are very well structured and she is always well prepared, providing excellent resources.

Claudine is a first rate trainer. I have personally learnt a lot from her as she generates new ideas in putting together resources for her training groups. Any organisation who commissions her for training would be lucky to have her. Participants consistently leave Claudine's training sessions stating they have learned news skills, received relevant information and enjoyed he day.


Testimonial of Rachel Bond, Supplementary Education Advisor at the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education. Rachel co-ordinates the NRC's termly training programme for the staff and volunteers of supplementary schools which includes sessions on safeguarding and child protection.

  Claudine has delivered a variety of safeguarding courses within our programme. She demonstrates many strengths as a facilitator, but what struck me first is her professionalism and ability to make sensitive subject matter easier to deal with. Whilst addressing the serious issues of child protection, she manages to promote a sense of positivity, which relaxes the participants and enables them to engage with the session with greater ease. Claudine's creative style enables learning to be accessible, highly participatory, educational and fun, which is exactly the kind of learning style needed to engage a diverse mix of adult learners, many of whom speak English as their second language. The feedback from learners is consistently positive, having enjoyed the session, whilst acquiring new awareness and skills, and gaining confidence to take back in to their organisation.